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Mathcounts Practice Contests

The practice contests below are MathCounts Chapter level contests. To properly simulate taking these contests in a competition setting please read the directions before taking each contest. Follow these directions carefully.

Sprint Round contests are 40 minutes and 30 questions. Calculators are NOT permitted for Sprint Round contests.

Target Round contests are 8 problems presented in pairs. You should complete one pair at a time, and you have 6 minutes for each pair of problems. Calculators are permitted for Target Round contests.

It is extremely important to not only do the contests, but also to follow up on each one by checking your results and reading and attempting to understand the solutions provided. You certainly need to understand the solutions for problems you missed, but it can be nearly as important to understand the solutions for problems you solved. Maybe you will begin to understand an approach to a problem you had not considered. Perhaps that new approach is more efficient than your method.

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