Photo tour of our math classroom, Bulding J, room J-2

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Room J-2

These are views of room J-2 from outside Building J.


Fantastic feats of numeracy and problem solving are on display daily in room J-2.


We are fortunate to have such a beautiful classroom in which to do our work!


Students practice collaborative learning in teams of 3 or 4.


Team signs hang above each team's tables.

Team Files and Math Binders

Each team has a team file. This accordion file is managed by each team's file manager. Papers are returned to students in the front of the team file. Paper are turned in to Mr. Colby in the back of the team file. Papers that need to be distributed during class time are filed behind specific file tabs. The team files are an efficient way to pass out and collect papers and recapture precious instructional time.


Each student has been given a math binder for taking notes and storing current work.

Let's Talk Box


Student/Teacher communication is critical. One way students are encouraged to communicate questions or concerns is by using the "Let's Talk Box". This box is locked and checked by Mr. Colby at the end of each day.

Materials Shelves



A large shelving unit makes materials readily available for hands-on learning and student projects.

Front of Classroom


Students model their problem solving on the Smartboard or document camera daily.

Mathematical Properties Display


As students model solutions to problems they construct proofs to justify their algorithm by referencing mathematical properties. The mathematical properties display is referenced often. This is critical for developing a strong conceptual framework for algebra.

When will I ever use this in real life?


The question for which mathematics teachers have many answers is best answered, in my opinion, by looking at the standards necessary for practicing mathematics. These mathematical practice standards are displayed here in kid friendly language. All of these are skills that cross over into other subjects and all facets of life.

Classroom Culture


Our classroom culture is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory. Students understand that they all possess different gifts and we support and embrace these differences in our classroom.


Our classroom is a "Mistakes Allowed Zone" where everybody, including the teacher, feels comfortable taking risks and making mistakes along the way. We will learn from our mistakes and grow stronger as a result.


Our two classroom rules are 1) Support each other and 2) Always do your best. Unsupportive behavior and subpar effort are addressed whenever necessary.

Wall of Fame


Students who achieve a perfect score on any test or quiz earn a star on the wall of fame.


Many famous people have written the classroom and they are also featured on the wall of fame. These people include Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou and two former presidents.


Each year, the students who achieve the most perfect scores earn their place on the Hall of Fame plaque! Their photo is on the plaque for the following school year and their names are on the plaque forever.

Walls of Windows


Room J-2 has amazing views with walls of windows on two sides of the classroom. This picture doesn't do it justice so please visit the class to see for yourself.

Other Views


Here are a few more views of Room J-2.