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Student Artwork

calico cat by Stella H.
Koi and Mom by Jack S.
tshirt ariana
eye by Cam R.
Golden Ticket by Claire G.
yoda by Mystery artist
Mr. Koi-by by Ariana
groot by mystery artist
lounging Koi by Riley G.
Koi art by Claire G.
Prehistoric Koi by Max
Circle art by Luke M.
best food by Daniel
Dog with toy by Valentina
cat and two people using a refrigerator by Maddy
Master Chief by Christian
dinosaur scene by Christian
girl by Hanna
artistic hand by anonymous
bunny by Karina
Girl by Hanna
MrColbyThanksgivingGift by Farrah
Mr. Colby by Lizzie
Hedge by Will C
Girl by Hanna
Safety picture by Connor
Daniel's art
doodop by Ale
funny guy by Ale
Ariel Blue Dragon
by Daniel
Phoenix of the Night by Jane
Math by Matthew
Amazing lizard by Ariel
Purple Goldfish by Caleb
funny guy by Lucca
Bear Paw by Nicole
Flare by Ariel
Reaching for Nikes by Teddy
Flower by Tia
ColbyMath by Tia
Pineapple by Tia
ColbyArt by Tucker
Sacrifice, by Jack F.
Hawaiian Flower by Jakob
The Good, Bad, Ugly cartoon by PB
Cartoon by Peter Barakett
Cartoon by Peter Barakett
Teddy hexaflexagon
Happy Halloween by Ping and Mei
computer cat
American Eagle
Function Machine (Peter)
girls by Taylor
Math Art by Taylor
Mr.Colby Calculus by Katherine
Cats by Mariana
an by Kristianna
universe by Kristianna
ColbyMath by Tommy
Puzzle by Cooper
geometric art by Mr. Colby
Geometric art by Mr. Colby
Nice note from Amy
More Earth Day Art by Katherine
more Earth Day art by Katherine
Earth Day by Katherine
Days of the week by Kristianna
girl by Kristianna
Coo Prr Prr check by cooper
DJ Kalad by Cooper
Frank Iero by Amy
Ray Toro by Amy
Boba Fett by Jack
Penguin Magician by ????
John Cena by Cooper
Jim Carey by Cooper
Lone Wolf by Kristianna
banana by Kristianna
horse by Kristianna
Sail by Kristianna
Guy pondering % tables by Ella H
bird on branch by Em
Astronaut abduction by Corbin
Halloween scene by Em
Guy by Garrison
bunny snowman fish by Ella C
poker face
Pokemon by Ella H
Angles by Katherine
Mr. Colby's class by Katherine
design by Cooper
Mr. Bill by Thomas
Cruella's Tower by Katherine
Frogs on Roller Coasters by Ella C.
Nelly the Pellycan by Ella C.
Will by Amy
Soul sucking death worm by Ella C
Tired detective by Garrison


Origami is an excellent hobby for mathematicians of all ages. Aside from the obvious geometric connections, origami helps mathematicians in many other areas related to the mathematical practice standards. A few of these are: precision, patience, listening and following directions carefully, perseverance, correcting mistakes and learning from them, helping others and accepting help from others.


I encourage my students to try some of the origami projects posted below. If you need some origami paper, just ask. I have plenty and I will be happy to give you some.

Halloween Origami

Holiday Origami

Origami Dreidl

Other Fun Origami Projects

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