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Welcome    Yo-Yo   Enthusiasts

Middle School students in all grades are welcome to attend the Yo-Yo and Rubik's cube club during lunch each and every Thursday from 11:30 - 11:55 at the tables along the Field House wall just outside the Pavilion. You may attend or sit out on any Thursday as you choose. Certificates awarded during Club awards on Tuesday, April 18 will be presented to all students who sign the club sign up sheet.

Get your lunch and enjoy solving Rubik's cubes at your table. I depend on student experts to do most of the assisting with Rubik's cube solving. Yo-Yo tricks will be practiced on the safe wide open grassy area between the Pavilion and the Field House. You may bring your own cubes, or yo-yos, or you may borrow one from Mr. Colby. Please return all cubes and yo-yos (wound back up) at the end of lunch.

Students may choose to compete in a friendly yo-yo competition in the spring. Details of this contest may be found below.

Yo-Yo   Competition

You can begin practicing the fourteen tricks below. Club awards will be held on Tuesday, April 18.


Here are the rules for the contest:


1) The contest is completely voluntary, but any Middle School student who is not a past champion may compete.

2) Students will compete individually by performing as many of the tricks (listed below) as they can in two minutes.

3) Mr. Colby will be the timer and judge for the contest.

4) The student who successfully completes the most tricks in two minutes will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by an "around the world" challenge. Tied contestants will perform "around the world" for maximum revolutions while still successfully returning the yo-yo to their hand.

5) You may perform your two minutes during any meeting of Yo-Yo club on or before the first club meeting in April.

6) The winning contestant will be awarded the Sidekick Yo-Yo shown below.  

Here is the list of tricks for the yo-yo contest:

1) sleeper  2) forward pass  3) around the world  4) planet hop  5) basic looping  6) rock the baby  7) walk the dog

8) spaghetti  9) orbit launch  10) bow tie  11) Jamaican flag  12) UFO  13) rocket launch 14) flying trapeze


Around the world

Basic looping

Walk the dog


Jamaican Flag

Orbit Launch

forward pass

planet hop

Rock the baby


Bow Tie

Rocket Launch

Flying Trapeze

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