Welcome    Rubik's Cubers

Middle School students in all grades are welcome to attend the Yo-Yo and Rubik's cube club during lunch each and every Thursday from 11:55 - 12:25 in the Pavilion. You may attend or sit out on any Thursday as you choose. Certificates awarded during Club awards in April will be presented to all students who join the Schoology group for our club.

Get your lunch and enjoy solving Rubik's cubes at your table. I depend on student experts to do most of the assisting with Rubik's cube solving. Yo-Yo tricks will be practiced on the safe wide open grassy area adjacent to the Pavilion. You may bring your own cubes, or yo-yos, or you may borrow one from Mr. Colby. Please return all cubes and yo-yos (wound back up) at the end of lunch.

Students may choose to compete in a friendly Rubik's cube competition in the spring. Details of this contest may be found below.

Rubik's Cube   Competition

Rubik's Cube   Competition

Club awards will be held on Tuesday, April 19.


Here are the rules for the contest:


1) The contest is completely voluntary, but any Middle School student who is not a past champion may compete.

2) Students must qualify for the contest by successfully solving a 3 by 3 cube in under two-minutes. Mr. Colby will time each contestant's qualifying round. Students may attempt to qualify as many times as necessary prior to the contest date (Thursday, March 31). The finals will occur on March 31, qualifying rounds may be done on any date up to March 24.

3) Students who have qualified on or before March 24 will compete head to head to solve a 3 by 3 cube the fastest on the contest date (Thursday, March 31).

4) Students may use their own cube on the head to head final competition, but the cube must be given to Mr. Colby the day before the contest.

5) Mr. Colby will mix all cubes identically for the final contest.

6) The contest winner will win the Giant Rubik's Cube pictured below.  

Rubik's Cube   Videos

The videos below could be helpful when learning to solve different Rubik's cubes. Everybody learns differently, but I will share the method that worked best for me. Allie Gesdorf was very kind to teach me the first few steps. She taught me one step at a time. I learned that step, then practiced it over and over again until I was certain I had it memorized. Only then did I learn the next step. This is the same way I used the instructional videos. You will have many friends to help you during club time, but to truly master any of these solutions you will need to dedicate so time on your own to practice.

Standard 3 by 3 cube solution

2 by 2 cube solution

Tetrahedron (Pyraminx) solution

Other interesting Rubik's cube videos

Three Year Old Solves Rubik's cube

Rubik's cube world records for 2016

Man solves 3 Rubik's cubes while juggling them

Rubik's cube magician from America's Got Talent