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Create a video to demonstrate how to solve a competition Math problem.


Visit to create your video. Plan ahead a bit because all videos are max length 5 minutes. Please also do this with a good mic or a quiet location. All videos need to be made using the whiteboard or blackboard function. You cannot be identifiable in the video. So, please also use no name or first name only.

Have fun with it! Don't worry about editing or making it perfect. I have made hundreds of instructional videos. You just have to dive in, make one, and submit it. Trust me, it will be great!


I have set this Flipgrid to be private so only I will see your video. If you choose to permit me to share it on the Mathletics page of (once you are happy with it) then you will complete this quest. This quest is repeatable.

I cannot wait to see what you create! Thanks!

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